Maximize Your WordPress Website

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the world's most famous content management system (CMS) and powers a quarter of the world's websites. Since WordPress is open source, every hacker in the world has free access to its core code. This makes security crucial to WordPress websites.

Another crucial factor is optimizing your WordPress site for speed. Will it be able to handle sudden surges of traffic, or will it let your visitors down?

Apart from that, other tasks such as WordPress updates, back-ups, and filtering out spam, might be some of the other things that WordPress site admins need to take care of. for WordPress was built to handle all of these. It was designed so WordPress site owners like you can concentrate on your content and in building a beautiful website. for WordPress offers only one plan, and it provides all features you need such as security, speed optimization, and backup.

Ultra Fast SSD Storage for WordPress offers ultra fast SSD storage, which can reach high read/write speeds more than TWICE that of HDD, offered by many other providers.
The plan includes 10GB SSD storage. If you need a larger capacity, additional disk space is available as an option. for WordPress provides high-speed SSD and the latest CPU on its server to boost up the overall performance. You can get the latest IT infrastructure and cutting-edge technology for only PHP 426 — the price which no other service provider in the industry can offer to you.


Today, every WordPress hosting provider offer "1-click WordPress install" feature. At , you don't even need to click. WordPress and phpMyadmin will be installed and set up automatically when you sign up.


WordPress continues to evolve as a content management system by releasing major and minor updates. To get the safest environment of WordPress, users are recommended to always update. With for WordPress, updates are done automatically for you, so we're sure that all of our users are using the latest version.

Staging Environment

We provide a staging environment where you can edit your website's contents and settings safely and check its performance before you publish. You can set user roles so that you can share the staging environment to clients and other stakeholders for checking. When you're ready to go live, you can do it in a single click.


After customizing the design and content of your WordPress site, you can use our Site Copy feature to clone a section (or the whole website) in just one click. This feature is also useful when you want to create multiple websites.


We automatically back up your website's data on a daily basis, and we keep it safe for 14 days. In case you need to retrieve old versions, data, and files, you can do it easily with a single click. You can also backup your data manually anytime you need.


What if the New York Times suddenly quotes or features your website's content? Will it be able to handle the sudden surge of traffic, or will your site embarrassingly crash? for WordPress automatically detects the volume of traffic in the network and dynamically adjusts server resources. It allows your visitors to access the website comfortably at any time.

Cache System

With this caching system, you can drastically improve the performance of your website in the easiest way. Dynamic pages are served as static html files, reducing the strain on the server everytime a user accesses these contents.The original memory-cache system is available. It provides "cash clear/system off" feature and support flexible managment.

Original Themes & Plugins offers Original WordPress themes and plug-ins. All templates are 100% free for personal or commercial usage.

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