Freely use these original WordPress themes, which you can also directly download from the official WordPress site.
These are all optimized for performance and compatibility. Explore plenty of default themes or choose an advanced one your can customize.


Freely use these original WordPress plugins, which you can download in the WordPress official site.
These plugins will improve the usability of your chosen theme.

  • GMO Showtime

    This GMO Showtime slider plugin gives cool effects to your slide in a snap. The control screen is simple for anyone to easily use. Express user"s originality with a fully customizable link and color, as well as 16 slider effects in 6 different layouts.

  • GMO Font Agent

    The GMO Font Agent plugin works with Google fonts so you can use a variety of stylish web fonts. It supports 634 different styles.

  • GMO Share Connection

    The GMO Share Connection plugin is designed for easy social sharing. Nine (9) social network services are supported in this plugin.

  • GMO Ads Master

    The GMO Ads Master plugin is the ad banner plugin that enables you to place advertisement spaces in strategic locations, such as within an article, in the sidebar and the footer. In addition to that, using this plugin lets you setup Google Analytics tracking codes and sitemap tool settings. The Sitemap can be easily generated without playing with PHP files.

  • GMO Go to Top

    GMO Go to Top is a simple plugin that allows users to easily scroll back to the top of the page by just clicking a single button

  • GMO Page Transitions

    GMO Page Transitions adds Page Transitions actions to your site. Click on the link, and page will slide over to left or right. This effect will not apply when "target=_blank" is used.

  • GMO TinyMCE Smiley

    GMO TinyMCE Smiley is a plugin to let you instantly add smilies and emoticons into your site from the toolbar.

  • GMO Google Map

    With "GMO Google Map" plugin, you can use Google Maps on your website by simply embedding a shortcode in anywhere you desire. No special coding skill is required. Simply enter information (eg. address) to create a shortcode and paste it to complete.

  • GMO Widget Custom

    The GMO Widget Custom is a useful widget customizer plugin which enables you to insert images, ads, and recommendation banners.

  • GMO Slider

    The GMO Slider plugin lets you insert sliders in posts and pages. The control screen is simple for anyone to easily use. GMO Slider supports images as well as text and video.

  • GMO Social Connection

    GMO Social Connection plugin inserts social share links at the top or bottom of each post.