High-speed server optimized for

  • Ultra-fast SSD Storage
  • Staging environment
  • Auto-backup
  • Auto-scaling
  • Compatible with PHP 7
  • No initial fees/setup fees

At only

SGD 12.2/mth

The Best Web Hosting for Asia. We have managed over 800,000 hosting subscriptions.

Providing All Your Needs
for Building a WordPress Website

Automatic Setup
& Automatic Updates

With WordPress, you’ll be fine even without any specialized knowledge. With just a sense for creating/modifying blogs, you can easily create a sophisticated website. To set up your WordPress site, all you have to do is select server settings and click [Add]. Without entering a single command or any other difficult operation, you can start creating your website the moment the server is built. And since login now takes as little as 1 to 2 minutes, you’ll have large-scale time reductions in connection time compared to typical web hosting services.
WordPress version updates are also automatic, so you don’t have to keep using old versions at an increased security risk. Aside from that, databases can also be automatically set up.

Ultra Fast SSD Storage

Did you know that the no. 1 cause of response decrease is HDD reading and writing? The best thing to do is not to upgrade your CPU or memory, but to switch to high-speed SSD. Comparing read/write abilities, SSD is capable of reaching speeds nearly TWICE that of HDD. Z.com’s servers all use SSD storage. Our hardware infrastructure is specially designed to boost overall performance for WordPress.

1 Click Site-Copying

You can easily make a copy of your published WordPress site. This feature is also useful for creating multiple websites.

Testing Environment
(Staging Environment)

For those concerned with sudden changes to their live sites, Z.com has a Testing Environment (Staging Environment) that is exactly the same as a Live Environment. By testing in this duplicate environment, you can avoid the frequent mistake of deploying untested changes to live sites that end up with nothing being displayed. With this, even beginners can have some peace of mind.
With typical web hosting services that don’t have testing environments, you would need to create a duplicate environment by yourself every time.

Scale In/Scale Out

Any website could experience sudden huge traffic at any time. Z.com for WordPress automatically adjusts server resources in response to the traffic and allows your visitors comfortable access to the website all the time.

Free Automatic Backup Feature

Have you experienced messing up your site display while working on it, and wanting to return it to the way it was? With Z.com for WordPress, you don’t need to worry. Your WordPress sites will be automatically and fully backed up once a day. When trouble comes up, you can easily restore your site with one click. Of course, you can still do manual backups in your own time, but at least you can be reassured while working on your site.
The majority of typical web hosts have only manual backups. So that you won’t have regrets like forgetting to do a manual backup, please take advantage of Z.com’s automatic backup feature.

SSL for Website Safety and Reliability

SSL is the world standard for protecting online transactions, and is used by millions of websites. By using an SSL Certificate on your website server, you gain the ability to prevent potent malware attacks, intrusions, loss of data, and abuse. In doing so, you will boost your website’s value and reliability.

And some more features for you...

  • "phpMyAdmin" for managing your database online
  • "Error Log" for checking nginx and PHP errors from the last 5 days
  • "Cache system" with cash clear and system off features


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Initial Fee Free
Additional WordPress Unlimited
Disk Space 10GB
Visitors Unlimited
Data Transfer Unlimited
Additional Disk Space/10GB
Unique IP Address/1
SSL Certificate
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