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Wordpress Pro

  • Specially designed and optimized for WordPress website
  • New features with higher cost effectiveness
  • High performance comparing to regular hosting services
  • Security measurement for WordPress websites (DDoS, malware etc)
  • Automated setup and update process
  • Free SSL for all domains
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What is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress is the world most popular and recognized CMS(Content Management System) in the world. The downside of WordPress is that its an OpenSource middleware which is vulnerable to IT security attacks, and infrastructure of most of the WordPress hosting services are not designed for high loaded Websites to deal with large volume of access traffic. As a solution to solve this common issue for our WordPress users, we had restructured our system design to overcome these obtstables and hurdles which allow our user to operate their WordPress website easily under a highly secured environment.



cPanel as the main user interface

One of the major control panel interface for Websites, allowing users to manage website database, domain and FTP access etc providing high availability and usability to website's administrator.

"One Click" installation process for WordPress

Without needing the effort to download, upload and install the WordPress application, deployment process can be done in just "One Click".

Automatic Version Update

Website users can enable auto-update feature to keep the WordPress application updated all the time for performance enhancement and security purpose.

Page Speed Optimized

Websites will be optimized to provide faster loading speed, efficiently supporting fast access from all kinds of devices. This is an crucial requirement to raise the score of the websites for higher SEO ranking, allowing website users to gain access easily on Google or other search engines.

Unlimited Data Transfer

Unlimited amount of data transfer on our service allows websites to have high reachability to website users without interruption due to internet traffic volume.

Upgrade Anytime

Our users can upgrade the spec. of our hosting service anytime with "One Click". Pay only for the price difference for the high plan without full charges to renew the service contract.

Security Protection

The infrastructure of our hosting system is equipped with firewall system and security applications(IDS & IPS), effectively protects websites from bruteforce attack, DDoS attack, and capable to detect malware infection simultaneously.

IT Infrastructure with Full Redundancy

All of our network device used in our backbone network is fully redundant with high speed internet connection from multiple uplink internet providers for both domestic and international internet bandwidth.

Free SSL for websites

Free SSL provided for basic security of all websites hosted on our hosting service.

Free Email Service

Get free 300MB of data space for email service bundled in our WordPress hosting package. (1 complimentary mailbox with option to upgrade to support more email users)

Servers with SSD Storage

We are using SSD(Solid State Disk) for all of our physical servers to ensure high IO performance, which is one of the most important factor to secure the usability of WordPress service hosted within the infrastructure.

Customer support with 24/7 basis

All service in comes with a free customer support service reachable from multiple commincation channels including, livechat via website, email and direct phone-call to our engineers standingby 24/7.

People use our Web Hosting more than 750,000 Website

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • The content management system used to create and publish websites. It is the most popular website building platform.

  • The system is easy to understand, suitable for beginners. No coding knowledge required.

  • Can see more user manual this link

  • Can upgrade plan , The system will calculate the difference that must be paid in addition to the remaining expire date. without any data being lost

  • Can't install another CMS

  • Can create 1 user account email only

  • WordPress Hosting is designed specifically for the working style of WordPress, resulting in faster data query and increase the efficiency of cache file system.

  • Can manage via dashboards WordPress

  • PHP version 8.0

  • MySQL version 5.6 or MariaDB version 10.0

  • Can purchase on control panel

  • Can manage via dashboards WordPress

  • Please send information control panel of website to email so that staff can check the different versions before purchase service

  • This can be done via the Control Panel and Gen CSR from cPanel.

  • Inode is the total number of files on the server including file , folder , email and database.

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