Z.com original WordPress theme, you can download in the WordPress official site.
Plenty of unique themes based on the default one are lineuped -with useful function, original design and even the customizable advanced one.

  • waffle

    waffle is child theme of twenty fifteen base functionality is took over parent has and additional features are installed especially background color and text color on sidebar.
  • Tidy

    Tidy is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with ultimate simplicity.
    It is fully customizable, responsive and flexible. Contents can be turned on and off as desired, and a wide variety of layout options to help you build a satisfactory website.
  • Madeini

    Madeini is an upgraded version of Twenty Fourteen WordPress default theme with enhanced custom color and custom background image feature. Enlarged homepage image makes it suitable for photography websites.
  • Kimono

    Kimono is a simple, and user friendly WordPress theme that is focused on design.
    Its beautiful design inspiration comes from Japanese traditional garment called Kimono. Slider is standard in this theme therefore no plugin or complicated setup is required.
  • Kotenhanagara

    Kotenhanagara is a simple, easy-to-use and highly customizable WordPress theme.
    Beautiful design inspiration came from Japanese Urushi lacqerware, varnished with the traditional manners. Background color can be customized as well as swappable flower patterned default background.
  • de naani.

    "de naani." is an upgraded version of Twenty-Twelve default theme which is designed to work perfectly with "GMO Show Time" slider plugin and "GMO Font agent"web font plugin. This theme also allow you to insert logo, and change site title/tagline positions.
  • Azabu Juban

    Azabu Juban is an upgraded version of Twenty Fourteen WordPress default theme,
    which is simple, easy-to-use and highly customizable. This theme features numbers of beautiful design templates with traditional Japanese taste which gives your website a unique look.