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Why WordPress?

WordPress is the world's most famous CMS(content management system) and powers a quarter of world's websites. Since WordPress is open source, every hacker in the world has free access to its core code. So security is crucial to WordPress websites. And how you optimize your WordPress website for faster speed is another crucial topic. If you're a beginner, you might think about having a backup as well...

No need to worry about them. for WordPress is designed for users to concentrate on building their website. for WordPress offers only one plan. And it provides all features you need such as security, speed optimization, and backup.

Ultra Fast SSD Storage for WordPress offers ultra fast SSD storage. It has the capability of reaching high read/write speeds more than TWICE that of HDD, that is offered by many other providers.
The plan includes 10GB SSD storage. If you need larger capacity, additional disk space is available as an option. for WordPress provides high-speed SSD and the latest CPU on its server. They boost up the overall performance. You can get the latest IT infrastructure and cutting-edge technology for only 162.000VND, the price which no other service provider in the industry can offer to you.


Today, all of WordPress server providers offer "1-click WordPress install" feature. At , you don't even need to click. WordPress and phpMyadmin will be installed and set up automatically when you sign up.


WordPress has continued to evolve as a content management system by releasing major and minor update. To get the most secure and safest environment of WordPress, users should consider following the latest products and services. At, auto-update feature makes you will never have to worry about it. All of our users are using the latest version of WordPress.

Staging Environment

WordPress is easy to customize CMS. You can create simple blog site, and official coporate site as well. Whatever your website's purpose is, you should be sure to test your website thoroughly before you go live.
We provide a staging environment where you can check the operation and performance, and correct an error before publishing your website. It is published on the internet but only a person who are authorized can see it. So you may want to send it to your client to check the design and content. Furthermore, the staging site can be copied to live, with a single click.


At, the WordPress which you have customized its design and post articles can be copied easily. You can choose the element you'd like to copy from design, contents, or the whole WordPress. And all the processes can be performed with one click. This feature is also useful when you want to create multiple websites.


Have you ever experienced that your website's layout gets messed up and can't get it back? for WordPress comes with data backup/restore features for free. It automatically backup your website data on a daily basis. In cases of emergency, you can restore your data easily with a single click. It keeps your data safe for 14 days. You can also backup your data manually anytime you need, also with a single click.


What if New York Times website introduce your blog post or website content? Every website has the possibility to experience a huge traffic all of a sudden. for WordPress automatically detects the volume of traffic in the network and dynamically adjusts server resources. It allows your visitors to access the website comfortably at any time.

Cache System

The original memory-cash system is available. It provides "cash clear/system off" feature and support flexible managment.

Original Themes & Plugins offers Original WordPress themes and plug-ins. All templates are 100% free for personal or commercial usage.

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